Team going to West Virginia

The destructive power of water never ceases to amaze me. Recently massive flooding effected many towns in West Virginia. We’ll be heading to West Virginia on Thursday evening. We’ll be partnering with our friends at Hope Reigns to help families in the area. Our main tasks will be mudouts (removal of mud brought in by flood waters, drywall, insulation etc to aid in the drying process and reduce mold growth) tree remove, and general clean up. Please keep our team in your prayers.  If you are able to help support please see the list of needed items below.
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If you are interested in donating needed items for the area here is a list of needed items:
Push brooms
Wheel Barrows
Flashlights Batteries
Powder lime
Large Trash bags (3 mil or thicker)
Large trash cans
Cleaning supplies
Shop Vacs
Extension cords
Baby Formula
Personal Hygiene products
Dog & Cat Food
Coloring Books & Crayons
Bed Linens
Bottled water
Items can be dropped off at:
Chancellor Baptist Church
11324 Gordon Rd
Fredericksburg, Va. 22407
Roberson’s Music
1300 Jeff Davis Hwy.
Fredericksburg, Va. 22401

If you’d like to support financially please donate by clicking the link below. Donated money can be used to get necessary tools and supplies. 516 Project, Inc is a registered 501c3 charity with the IRS. Thank you for partnering with us. Please click the link below to donate securely with PayPal.

If you prefer to send a check our mailing address is:

516 Project, Inc.

6109 New Pembrook Ln.

Fredericksburg, Va. 22407

Starting on Ms. J’s House

We are starting on Ms. J’s house 6-14-16.

If you’ve been following along the past few weeks you’ve probably seen some of our story about Ms. J and her family. We are VERY excited to finally be moving forward on this project and we NEED YOUR HELP!

Volunteer – Click here to register

Donate Materials – Email us at 516projectfxbg (at)

Here is a quick recap of our story so far with Ms. J. –

We received an email a few weeks ago from social services regarding a family in desperate need of help with their home. Living there is Ms. J, a 68 year old grandmother who is undergoing chemotherapy for stomach cancer.  She has custody of her daughter’s 13 year old son and 17 year old daughter.  Ms. J’s other daughter is 45 and disabled, and she and her 3 children (ages 11, 17 and 20 ) are also living in this dilapidated home. I only took pictures in the bathroom, but much of the rest of the house is in similar condition. Even the front door is held shut by a tied towel. Their bathroom is unusable as the toilet has dropped through the floor. Not sure how they are using the bathroom. Their hot water heater hasn’t worked in years so they heat water on the stove to bathe. There is mold growing on the walls inside of the home, roaches and other pests everywhere in the home. Every room of the house needs pretty serious work, but we are starting with the bathroom. This will allow this family to stay in their home. It will also help them all be more healthy.

2016-05-04 13.46.45

Please go to the Volunteer Registration page by clicking HERE.  Rainbow International will be in Tuesday and Wednesday doing the demolition and mold remediation. We need volunteers that can help starting on Wednesday 6-15-16. We’ll need some folks to help with the reconstruction of the bathroom, some folks for general cleaning and some folks for exterior clean up and yardwork.

We do construction projects, but ultimately this is a ministry opportunity. An opportunity to show this family and everyone around us that Jesus’ love overcomes ALL obstacles. Everyday, in God’s hands! This is why we do what we restore lives and to show Jesus’ love.

When we learn to trust in what we do not see, we believe in spite of seeing. Then, and only then, will we become, as Jesus said, “Blessed.” That is living by faith. That is trusting that He is the truth.” -Matt Ham


Here are some of the items left that haven’t been donated. If you can help by donating something off this list please email 516projectfxbg(at)

Qty Item

2x8x14 Lumber (preferably pressure treated)
3 3/4 Tongue & Groove plywood

10 1/2″ copper hangers
10 1/2″ purple drywall
16d nails
8d nails
2″ screws
drywall tape
drywall mud
electric water heater
30″ interior door
24″ interior door
32″ Exterior Door