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May 2018

June 3,2018

What an amazing start to 2018 it’s been. We had a couple smaller projects in January and February. Then jumped right into planning for our May 19th workday. On Saturday May 19, 2018 we had over 100 volunteers serving at 14 different homes. Over 1,000 hours of volunteer labor in one day! Check out our Facebook page and Instagram for pictures!

A huge thanks to Chancellor Baptist for being our host church, and Pastor Eric Goforth for sharing a devotional with our teams at our morning breakfast. We were very blessed with great such amazing volunteers serving all around Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford and King George. Thanks to our awesome workday sponsors that help make the day possible: Agora Coffee for sponsoring our coffee.  Roberson’s Music for sponsoring and preparing our volunteer/homeowner dinner. Also a huge thanks to realtors of the Fredericksburg Area Association of Realtors for serving with us!

Each of our volunteers got one of our awesome t-shirts thanks to our t-shirt sponsors:


Even with all those volunteers, there was still work to be done. Since the workday we’ve had over 20 volunteers out serving. This past week we had a youth group from Lifepoint King George out picking up trash and debris left after the work at several of the homes.  We also have had volunteers working on a handicap access project in Stafford.

Homeowner, Jason, suffered a stroke 2 years ago. On the workday we were able to remove a bedroom window and turn it into a door to provide easier access. We also constructed a small wood porch outside the door. This past weekend we were back at Jason’s working on the grading and form work to install a concrete sidewalk from that porch to his driveway. Unfortunately, the rain stalled our progress. But, we plan to get back out there soon to finish pouring the concrete! Make sure you are signed up to get our email’s so you’ll be informed when we are working and you can come help.

We are so incredibly blessed by these wonderful volunteers that give of their time and efforts to love and serve our neighbors. This was our biggest single workday to date, and we are so excited and thankful for all God has done through our desire to serve. Many folks have seen the love of Jesus in there lives thanks to our volunteers!

Thank you for an amazing 2016

December 13,2016

You get what 516 Project is all about. It’s not the hammers and nails. It’s not the projects or materials. It’s the love and hope offered by Jesus Christ to families in need. 2016 has been an extraordinary year for our ministry. As a 100% volunteer organization we’ve worked on the homes of nearly 20
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November 2016 Update

December 6,2016

November was an AMAZING month. God’s blessing have been so much more than we could’ve imagined. At the beginning of the month we had one of our big workdays. 30 volunteers came out as we served 6 families and provided over 300 hours of volunteer labor. That’s over $7,500 worth of labor donated! Our big
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October 25,2016

Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve updated. As you know, we are 100% volunteer. We’ve been busy with the ministry and life has been busy. September’s AWESOME God story involves a sweet lady named Ms A.  Last month we were blessed to serve Ms. A in Stafford county. Her roof was damaged and the front
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Ms. J’s is functional!

August 4,2016

We aren’t at home plate yet, but we are definitely rounding 3rd! The bathroom at Ms. J’s is functional. We got the floor joists and sub-floor replaced. Took this one after I climbed up out of the crawl space. We originally thought we’d be able to just sister the new lumber to the old joists.
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West Virginia Journal

July 7,2016

I teamed up with my friend Chris Chiles’ ministry, Hope Reigns to help with the flood recovery efforts in West Virginia. I’ve served with them before and they have a terrific disaster relief ministry established. Whenever I go on any sort of mission trip I pack a small journal. Each evening before bed I take
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Team going to West Virginia

June 27,2016

The destructive power of water never ceases to amaze me. Recently massive flooding effected many towns in West Virginia. We’ll be heading to West Virginia on Thursday evening. We’ll be partnering with our friends at Hope Reigns to help families in the area. Our main tasks will be mudouts (removal of mud brought in by
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