It’s COFFEE time!

We’ve teamed up with Passionate Harvest to bring you some of the worlds best coffee! This fundraiser is a huge win for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not only will it help us raise funds for our work here at home, Passionate Harvest is also a christian based ministry.

Passionate Harvest’s mission is “Building Relationships Through Coffee.” Their goal is to provide the best premium specialty coffee to roasters. In doing so their direct trade coffees support medical work, water wells, work with orphans, widows, native church planting, sustainable farming practices and more directly in the farming communities.

I’m incredibly excited to work with them and provide you an opportunity to support missions right here in the US and around the globe by purchasing something you use everyday…DELICIOUS COFFEE!

Right now we are offering 3 roasts available in 1 lb bags- whole bean or ground:

516 Volunteer Fuel: Medium/Light roast Ethiopian & PNG $15/bag
516 Hammer and Nails: Dark Roast Sumatra $15/bag
516 Demolition Crew: Robusta 2x caffeine! $18/bag
Please fill in the form below to order. We’ll contact you for payment.