In Matthew 5:16 Jesus tells us, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which in in heaven.”

It is our desire to serve God through service to His people. The church is not a building, the church is His people!

We believe God is directing our path to help members of our local community. As God has allowed us to be used in this service, we have already received some of the greatest blessings. Watching our children begin to understand the importance of being a servant of God, seeing the faces of those we have ministered to, and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with those who do not know Him are just a few.

Here’s some of the jobs needed for each workday..of course remember, Semper Gumbi! There are always unforeseen challenges or hurdles in this type of endeavor. Stay flexible.

Team:
On the day of the event, ensure that the volunteers sign-in, eat breakfast, obtain a lunch if they forgot one, and find their team captain.
Arrive one hour prior to scheduled arrival time
Make sure tables are set up and sheets are out
Have greeters ready to direct volunteers to the appropriate table
After sign in is completed, direct volunteers to breakfast and lunch area
Clean up sign in area after volunteers are dispatched

Team Captains:
Lead the teams onsite to complete the assigned tasks.
Assess needs, with one of the leaders, at each home you’re assigned to complete
Make sure supplies have been purchased prior to the event
Work with the leaders to organize your team
Make sure first aid kits and plenty of water are at each sight
Teach your youth the importance of remaining positive and doing a good job
Make sure the homeowner knows you’re there before starting tasks
Pray with the homeowner before you leave (we typically gather in a circle)
Gather all supplies and all trash before you leave
Take all excess supplies back to the drop-off station before dinner

Basket Team & Basket Team Leader:
Provide food and candy baskets to the families whose homes are being serviced.
Organize the collection of items for the baskets
Fill baskets
Deliver baskets to homes. Prayer with work teams and homeowner

Basket Team Leader:
Prepare delivery instructions for each team
Try to organize them by location from the church
Assign folks to deliver baskets (2-3/team)
Be prepared to share the gospel with these families

Kitchen Team:
Ensures that each team will have food and drink throughout the day.
Secure coolers and have water bottles for each team
Prepare breakfast
Organize and set-up lunch station for those volunteers who arrive without a
packed lunch
Clean-up after the teams are gone
Dinner at completion of workday

Kitchen Team Leader:
Prior to workday coordinate teams to prepare meals.
Facilitate getting food, utensils etc to be prepared

Media Team:
Assist the leadership team prior to the event to communicate the event and document the event the day of for future church communication needs (newsletter, website, history).
Create posters, skits, videos and bulletin announcements to draw participation within the church
Take pictures and/or video the event
Post information on the church website about your event