Ms. Adele’s Ramp is DONE!

Over the past two weekends we’ve been able to bless Ms. Adele by building her a handicap ramp. This is all possible because of the donations we receive and the awesome volunteers that came out to help!

O. Smith Ramp

O. Smith Ramp

O. Smith Ramp

Approx $2500 of labor was donated to this project in the form of over 100 volunteer hours logged from the initial assessment and design, permitting and the final build. Thanks to our amazing donors and a generous discount from Home Depot, over $2000 of materials were purchased for this ramp project. 516 Project is completely volunteer operated and relies on donations to complete life changing ramps like this. That means that this homeowner isn’t burdened with the expenses of building this ramp!

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Mary has two teenage sons— both autistic. After years of enduring an abusive relationship, she walked away. Despite being a hard working mother, she and her boys are now homeless. They need your help.

We are asking you to help Mary and her sons by making a donation of any amount today. Our prayer is that within 30 days you can help us raise the money necessary to give Mary and her children a happy ending that rewards her difficult, but brave family decision.

A local mobile home company who knows her story is willing offer Mary a good price on a newer home. The pieces are in place. We just need your help to finish the good work.

Please select the amount that you want to give. Mary thanks you and so do we.

About 516 Project

We are a 501c3 Construction Ministry based in Fredericksburg, Va. Mary was referred to 516 Project by Spotsylvania County Department of Social Services. If you have questions or want to learn more about our work please visit

516 Project Update 3-3-17

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Thank you for an amazing 2016


You get what 516 Project is all about. It’s not the hammers and nails. It’s not the projects or materials. It’s the love and hope offered by Jesus Christ to families in need.

2016 has been an extraordinary year for our ministry. As a 100% volunteer organization we’ve worked on the homes of nearly 20 families, provided over 1000 hours of volunteer labor and given HOPE that can’t be found apart from Jesus. THANK YOU for being a part of our mission.

This is an excerpt from an email we received last week:
” I just wanted to thank you & the 516 Project for continuing to think of me when scheduling your work days. The gentlemen who came to my home yesterday to replace the surrounding in my tub did a fabulous job. I am extremely grateful for all that has been done to my home so far. Your willingness to help others is extremely heart touching. I can’t begin to say how much this has meant to me & Jax. We are truly blessed to have have you & your volunteers working in our lives.”

Ms. R is a grandmother raising her 5 year old grandson. He was born to a drug addicted mother and has endured more struggles in his 5 years than many of us will face in a lifetime. Her home had fallen into disrepair because she simply couldn’t do the work and didn’t have the money to pay a contractor. When she originally reached out to us she had lost hope because she didn’t know where to turn. Seeing the smile on her face and the tears in her eyes when we showed up was both awesome and heartbreaking. THIS is 516 Project! THIS is the love of Jesus being poured out on our community.

I know there are many wonderful organizations asking for your support as we near the end of 2016. I humbly ask that you support 516 Project with your tax deductible gift. Any amount you can offer helps us continue our mission of sharing Jesus’ love.

Thank you for the prayers and support!
In HIS Service,
James Roberson, President
516 Project, Inc. 501c3

November 2016 Update


November was an AMAZING month. God’s blessing have been so much more than we could’ve imagined. At the beginning of the month we had one of our big workdays. 30 volunteers came out as we served 6 families and provided over 300 hours of volunteer labor. That’s over $7,500 worth of labor donated! Our big project for the day was a complete roof replacement for a family in Spotsylvania.


Many of you have been following our work at Ms. J’s house the past few months. This project really took on a like of its own. As happens when conditions are so deteriorated, the more we did the more issues we discovered.  All said and done we had to replace floor joists, wall framing, plumbing, water heater, all bathroom fixtures, drywall, flooring etc. We are so excited to announce that our work is completed and the bathroom is fully useable. The only work needed is a little trim work and painting that the family is taking care of. Such a blessing to help this family and provide them a wonderful bathroom to use.

2016-05-04 13.46.452016-12-02-13-25-11


Please consider making a year end donation to help us continue our work into 2017.



Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve updated. As you know, we are 100% volunteer. We’ve been busy with the ministry and life has been busy.

September’s AWESOME God story involves a sweet lady named Ms A.  Last month we were blessed to serve Ms. A in Stafford county. Her roof was damaged and the front side of her roof needed to be completely replaced. A number of shingles had long outlived their effectiveness and her roof was leaking. Once our volunteers started tearing off the shingles they also discovered that some of the plywood sheeting and framing was damaged as well. We were able to replace all the damaged / rotten wood and install a new roof. Ms. A was wonderful to work with. She is an older widow and was just so excited that we were willing to help her. She was praising Jesus loud enough I’m pretty sure the neighbors heard! A gentleman that I go to church with works with Ms. A’s daughter. One day at work she mentioned to him that her mom needed some help. As they talked he thought about 516 Project and contacted me that afternoon. I was able to meet Ms. A a couple days later to do an assessment of the work needed at her home. She told me what a blessing it was because she had recently received a letter from her homeowners insurance. They weren’t covering the damage to her roof, and they were going to be dropping her coverage if it wasn’t repaired by the end of September. It was such a blessing that God connected her with us through a mutual friend. God’s timing and provision are incredible.


Also in September, we continued work on Ms J’s house in Caroline county. There have been a number of setbacks on that project but we know God is at work and His plan is perfect. We hit the last roadblock at the beginning of September. We completed everything that we could prior to the plumbing being completed. I spent much time in prayer over that project. A plumber said he’d do the work and myself and another volunteer set up a time to meet him at the house. He never showed up. A couple days later he contacted again with a time to come out and finish the needed work. Again, he never showed up. I was honestly broken at this point. I didn’t know what to do and I felt like I was failing Ms. J’s family. I started praying specifically for her home and a plumber each day. One morning I felt like I was supposed to ask for more prayers from our supporters. So I put a post on Facebook asking folks to pray for a plumber. That afternoon a plumber, Raegan from Atlantic Green Plumbing, contacted me and set a time to go assess the work needed. HE SHOWED UP! (yes, there’s a double meaning there…Jesus and the plumber) Not only Atlantic Green show up and agree to do the work, several people from the company are now registered to volunteer at our November workday. But wait, there’s more. When he went to do the assessment he noticed the need for a pest control treatment for roaches. So he contacted a friend and got them to come do a treatment service! WOW. Again, I’m blown away by God’s timing and the power of prayer. So, the plumbing should be finished this week. Then we’ll finish up the last bit of drywall, install the tile floor and Ms. J’s family will be enjoying their brand new bathroom!


Ms. J’s is functional!

We aren’t at home plate yet, but we are definitely rounding 3rd! The bathroom at Ms. J’s is functional. We got the floor joists and sub-floor replaced. Took this one after I climbed up out of the crawl space. We originally thought we’d be able to just sister the new lumber to the old joists. Unfortunately, once we got them exposed we found they were much more rotten than we’d expected. So, 5 joists ended up coming out and getting replaced. We also had to replace part of the wall between this bathroom and the living room. This picture shows the new joists in place right before we started putting down the sub-floor.

2016-07-09 10.59.31

Once we got the sub floor set we were able to get the plumbing re-routed and in place for the new tub and toilet. So, the family can at least use the bathroom in their home! One of our volunteers is a plumber and he is going out tomorrow to install the new water heater and the sink. He’ll also be finalizing the tub and toilet and replacing the tub faucet / shower.

2016-07-09 12.18.16

bathroomb4andafterIf you’d forgotten what it looked like when we first showed up here’s a little before and in progress shot.


Once the plumbing is completed tomorrow we’ll be able to go in and hang the drywall. Next will be the finish work and priming. Then we’ll set the tile floor. Very excited to finally be on the homestretch of this project. I know Ms. J and her family will be so excited to have a completed working bathroom in their home.

West Virginia Journal

I teamed up with my friend Chris Chiles’ ministry, Hope Reigns to help with the flood recovery efforts in West Virginia. I’ve served with them before and they have a terrific disaster relief ministry established. Whenever I go on any sort of mission trip I pack a small journal. Each evening before bed I take a few minutes to write about the day. Below is what I wrote during my time in West Virginia and one follow up a couple days after returning.

Hope Reigns – West Virginia Flood Recovery


I arrived in Summersville, WVA at about 2am this morning. Last Thursday massive flooding affected huge areas of the state. Today we worked in a town called Rainelle. Our homeowner, Doreen, is a super sweet lady. She’s 78 years old and lives on her own. Her husband passed a couple years ago. He was a pastor and then a travel pastor. She was amazing to talk with. Told us all kinds of stories of her life. At the beginning of their relationship he was a drunk. Two friends specifically prayed for him. Then, on a visit, his mom asked him to come to church. Reluctantly he went. During the sermon he broke down. He accepted Jesus and made a complete 180 in his life. Quit drinking and spent the rest of his life serving. Another team was able to lead their homeowner to Christ. The devastation in this area is incredible.

2016-07-01 13.29.29-2


Another fantastic day serving. I was a team leader of an 11 person crew today. We worked on a family’s home in a town called Nallen. This is a small area that has gotten no help so far. Most of the relief groups are in the more populated towns. Our homeowner has lived in the house for 40 years. We took out furniture, appliances, flooring, drywall etc. He, his wife and son in law worked with us most of the day. Very nice folks. He worked construction his whole life. He and a friend that stopped by told me about building concrete silos in the 70’s. Incredibly hard labor intensive work.

My entire crew today was 1st timers with Hope Reigns. I was the only one that had done a Hope Reigns trip previously. Made some new friends. 3 guys in particular that live about two hours from me. We took a ride over to Summersville Lake Dam. They had the gates open. About a 20’ pipe w/ water flowing out. The lake had risen about 20′ due to the flooding. One of the local residents said that with the pipe wide open as it was it only lowered the water level 5′ in a day. Really incredible sight.

2016-07-02 20.09.22


Started off today with church service at Summersville Baptist. They are our host church. Pastor Dana Gatewood’s sermon was about Colossians 2:6-7. He highlighted 3 steps to growth.

1: Living in Christ

2: Strengthened in faith

3: Overflow with thankfulness

One of the key points was to join God where He is, not where you are. Join God. Don’t ask God to join you. Pastor referenced John 15:5 for this reference. “I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” We have to stay focused on Christ. Don’t look where you don’t want to go. Keep your eyes on your destination…Christ.

We headed out to our jobsite after church. We were able to finish tearing out the tile and remaining walls. This crew was awesome and we got a lot done. Headed back to the church for dinner then I left for home.

2016-07-02 13.49.47


Looking back. Over the past couple days as I’ve gotten back into my daily routine I’ve been in constant thought of the people I met in West Virginia. I’ve continued to pray for them and their community. I’ve had many people ask me about the experience and I just can’t do it justice with words. The power of water is absolutely incredible. The amount of water that went through these towns is just inconceivable. The house I worked on Saturday and Sunday sits about 15’ above the river. The flood line was about 5’ inside the house. That river rose approx. 20’. The amount of water required for that to happen I just can’t even fathom.


As I said, this is just my little journal notes from my time in West Virginia. It’s not literary perfection, but I hope it helps you have a glimpse into what I experienced during my trip. Please keep the the whole state of West Virginia lifted in your prayers. There are many volunteers in the area now helping. However, this recovery is going to take months if not years. The news reports will go away, but the loss and hurt won’t. These communities will have many needs arise in the coming months. I pray there will still be plenty of support at those times as well.


To see more pictures check out

Team going to West Virginia

The destructive power of water never ceases to amaze me. Recently massive flooding effected many towns in West Virginia. We’ll be heading to West Virginia on Thursday evening. We’ll be partnering with our friends at Hope Reigns to help families in the area. Our main tasks will be mudouts (removal of mud brought in by flood waters, drywall, insulation etc to aid in the drying process and reduce mold growth) tree remove, and general clean up. Please keep our team in your prayers.  If you are able to help support please see the list of needed items below.
wva1 wva2 wva3 wva4 wva5
If you are interested in donating needed items for the area here is a list of needed items:
Push brooms
Wheel Barrows
Flashlights Batteries
Powder lime
Large Trash bags (3 mil or thicker)
Large trash cans
Cleaning supplies
Shop Vacs
Extension cords
Baby Formula
Personal Hygiene products
Dog & Cat Food
Coloring Books & Crayons
Bed Linens
Bottled water
Items can be dropped off at:
Chancellor Baptist Church
11324 Gordon Rd
Fredericksburg, Va. 22407
Roberson’s Music
1300 Jeff Davis Hwy.
Fredericksburg, Va. 22401

If you’d like to support financially please donate by clicking the link below. Donated money can be used to get necessary tools and supplies. 516 Project, Inc is a registered 501c3 charity with the IRS. Thank you for partnering with us. Please click the link below to donate securely with PayPal.

If you prefer to send a check our mailing address is:

516 Project, Inc.

6109 New Pembrook Ln.

Fredericksburg, Va. 22407