Faith through construction

May 6, 2016 8:05 pm

Knowing that families in our community are living in conditions like these is just heartbreaking. We received an email a few days ago from social services regarding a family in desperate need of help with their home. Living there is the 68 year old grandmother who is undergoing chemotherapy for stomach cancer.  She has custody of her daughter’s 13 year old son and 17 year old daughter.  The grandmother’s other daughter is 45 and disabled, and she and her 3 children (ages 11, 17 and 20 ) are also living in this dilapidated home. I only took pictures in the bathroom, but much of the rest of the house is in similar condition. Even the front door is held shut by a tied towel.

Their bathroom is unusable as the toilet has dropped through the floor. Not sure how they are using the bathroom. Their hot water heater hasn’t worked in years so they heat water on the stove to bathe. There is mold growing on the walls inside of the home, roaches and other pests everywhere in the home. Every room of the house needs pretty serious work.

2016-05-04 13.46.45

Unfortunately, other organizations have gone out to assess this home and declined to work on it due the severity of the needs. Honestly, even one of our regular volunteers, after seeing these photos, asked if we could even handle this project. I’ll tell you my response- “Nope. No clue how we’re going to get it done. But I know God is bigger than a busted toilet. Since I found out about this home I’ve been contacted by two contractors that want to help, several people with supplies to donate and received a couple financial donations.” We definitely have a lot more needs to offset to make it happen, but it’s a good start. As this project starts and the overwhelmingness of it sets in, I’m reminded of a recent quote from my friend Matt:

When we learn to trust in what we do not see, we believe in spite of seeing. Then, and only then, will we become, as Jesus said, “Blessed.” That is living by faith. That is trusting that He is the truth.” -Matt Ham

Yes people are actively living in this home. Yes these are our neighbor’s. This is why we do what we do, to help restore lives. Jesus’ love will prevail over hard times. We will have to have faith that it can and will be done and in doing so we glorify Him.

This project will require coordination between government agencies, contractors, several non-profit organizations and volunteers. Not to mention LOTS of materials. If you can help by volunteering or donating it is greatly appreciated. Please keep this family and our work with them in your prayers.


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