November 2016 Update

December 6, 2016 4:24 am


November was an AMAZING month. God’s blessing have been so much more than we could’ve imagined. At the beginning of the month we had one of our big workdays. 30 volunteers came out as we served 6 families and provided over 300 hours of volunteer labor. That’s over $7,500 worth of labor donated! Our big project for the day was a complete roof replacement for a family in Spotsylvania.


Many of you have been following our work at Ms. J’s house the past few months. This project really took on a like of its own. As happens when conditions are so deteriorated, the more we did the more issues we discovered.  All said and done we had to replace floor joists, wall framing, plumbing, water heater, all bathroom fixtures, drywall, flooring etc. We are so excited to announce that our work is completed and the bathroom is fully useable. The only work needed is a little trim work and painting that the family is taking care of. Such a blessing to help this family and provide them a wonderful bathroom to use.

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Please consider making a year end donation to help us continue our work into 2017.

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