Thank you Comfort Heating and Cooling

July 28, 2020 12:45 pm


About 2 weeks ago the Tolley family reached out to us. They have a son with special needs and rely on one income to provide for their family. Mom is needed full time to help care for their son at home. When they reached out to us temperatures were moving up and their AC unit had died! They’d hired a contractor to repair the unit, but it was beyond repair.

Thankfully a couple days later we got a call back that they’d found another contractor that was willing to give them a great price to replace the unit. This is when things went from bad to worse. Unfortunately, the person they found was not a licensed contractor and he installed a used unit that was taken from another home. The unit worked long enough for him to get his money and run. Less than 24 hours later the unit was no longer cooling, and he wasn’t answering the phone.

The family reached back out to us and we immediately called our sponsor and friends over at Comfort Heating and Cooling. Craig went out to see exactly what needed to happen and determined that the used unit was in fact dead and needed a complete replacement. The Comfort team went to work reaching out to suppliers to find one that would give us a deal on the unit due to the situation. Yesterday, Craig and his crew installed a brand new HVAC unit for the Tolley family!!

As temperatures continue to soar, we are incredibly grateful to the entire team at Comfort for their swift work and donating their time and labor to care for this family.

The team at Comfort was able to get good pricing on the HVAC unit and materials needed. Please consider making a financial gift by clicking the link below to help off-set the cost of the unit and materials. As always, your gift of any amount is making a huge impact and greatly appreciated.


This post was written by James Roberson