Ms. J’s is functional!

August 4, 2016 9:59 pm

We aren’t at home plate yet, but we are definitely rounding 3rd! The bathroom at Ms. J’s is functional. We got the floor joists and sub-floor replaced. Took this one after I climbed up out of the crawl space. We originally thought we’d be able to just sister the new lumber to the old joists. Unfortunately, once we got them exposed we found they were much more rotten than we’d expected. So, 5 joists ended up coming out and getting replaced. We also had to replace part of the wall between this bathroom and the living room. This picture shows the new joists in place right before we started putting down the sub-floor.

2016-07-09 10.59.31

Once we got the sub floor set we were able to get the plumbing re-routed and in place for the new tub and toilet. So, the family can at least use the bathroom in their home! One of our volunteers is a plumber and he is going out tomorrow to install the new water heater and the sink. He’ll also be finalizing the tub and toilet and replacing the tub faucet / shower.

2016-07-09 12.18.16

bathroomb4andafterIf you’d forgotten what it looked like when we first showed up here’s a little before and in progress shot.


Once the plumbing is completed tomorrow we’ll be able to go in and hang the drywall. Next will be the finish work and priming. Then we’ll set the tile floor. Very excited to finally be on the homestretch of this project. I know Ms. J and her family will be so excited to have a completed working bathroom in their home.

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