October 25, 2016 11:55 pm


Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve updated. As you know, we are 100% volunteer. We’ve been busy with the ministry and life has been busy.

September’s AWESOME God story involves a sweet lady named Ms A.  Last month we were blessed to serve Ms. A in Stafford county. Her roof was damaged and the front side of her roof needed to be completely replaced. A number of shingles had long outlived their effectiveness and her roof was leaking. Once our volunteers started tearing off the shingles they also discovered that some of the plywood sheeting and framing was damaged as well. We were able to replace all the damaged / rotten wood and install a new roof. Ms. A was wonderful to work with. She is an older widow and was just so excited that we were willing to help her. She was praising Jesus loud enough I’m pretty sure the neighbors heard! A gentleman that I go to church with works with Ms. A’s daughter. One day at work she mentioned to him that her mom needed some help. As they talked he thought about 516 Project and contacted me that afternoon. I was able to meet Ms. A a couple days later to do an assessment of the work needed at her home. She told me what a blessing it was because she had recently received a letter from her homeowners insurance. They weren’t covering the damage to her roof, and they were going to be dropping her coverage if it wasn’t repaired by the end of September. It was such a blessing that God connected her with us through a mutual friend. God’s timing and provision are incredible.


Also in September, we continued work on Ms J’s house in Caroline county. There have been a number of setbacks on that project but we know God is at work and His plan is perfect. We hit the last roadblock at the beginning of September. We completed everything that we could prior to the plumbing being completed. I spent much time in prayer over that project. A plumber said he’d do the work and myself and another volunteer set up a time to meet him at the house. He never showed up. A couple days later he contacted again with a time to come out and finish the needed work. Again, he never showed up. I was honestly broken at this point. I didn’t know what to do and I felt like I was failing Ms. J’s family. I started praying specifically for her home and a plumber each day. One morning I felt like I was supposed to ask for more prayers from our supporters. So I put a post on Facebook asking folks to pray for a plumber. That afternoon a plumber, Raegan from Atlantic Green Plumbing, contacted me and set a time to go assess the work needed. HE SHOWED UP! (yes, there’s a double meaning there…Jesus and the plumber) Not only Atlantic Green show up and agree to do the work, several people from the company are now registered to volunteer at our November workday. But wait, there’s more. When he went to do the assessment he noticed the need for a pest control treatment for roaches. So he contacted a friend and got them to come do a treatment service! WOW. Again, I’m blown away by God’s timing and the power of prayer. So, the plumbing should be finished this week. Then we’ll finish up the last bit of drywall, install the tile floor and Ms. J’s family will be enjoying their brand new bathroom!


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