Thank you for an amazing 2016

You get what 516 Project Is all about. It‘s not the hammers and nails. It’s not the projects or materials. It’s the love and
hope offered by Jesus Christ to families in need.

2016 has been an extraordinary year for our ministry. As a 100% volunteer organization we’ve worked on the homes of
nearly 20 families. provided over 1000 hours of volunteer labor and given HOPE that can‘t be found apart from Jesus.

THANK YOU for being a part of our mission.

This is an etcerpt from an email we received last week:
‘ | just wanted to thank you & the 516 Project for continuing to think of me when scheduling your work days. The
gentlemen who came to my home yesterday to replace the surrounding in my tub did a fabulous job. I am extremely

grateful for all that has been done to my home so far. Your willingness to help others ls extremely heart touching. I can‘t
begin to say how much this has meant to me & Jax. We are truly blessed to have have you & your volunteers working in

our lives.‘

Ms. R is a grandmother raising her 5 year old grandson. He was born to a drug addicted mother and has endured more

struggles in his 5 years than many of us will face in a lifetime. Her home had fallen Into disrepair because she simply
couldn‘t do the work and didn‘t have the money to pay a contractor. When she originally reached out to us she had lost

hope because she didn’t know where to turn. Seeing the smile on her face and the tears in her eyes when we showed
up was both awesome and heartbreaking. THIS Is 516 Project! THIS is the love of Jesus being poured out on our

I know there are many wonderful organizations asking for your support as we near the end of 2016. | humbly ask that you
support 516 Project with your tax deductible gift. Any amount you can offer helps us continue our mission of sharing
Jesus’ love.


Thank you for the prayers and support!
In HIS Service.
James Roberson. President

516 Project. Inc. 501c3



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